Do your chickens sing the egg song when not laying?


8 Years
Nov 30, 2011
Tooele, Utah
Hey all. I've got somewhat of a dumb question, so I ask your patience. Does anyone have chickens that are not currently laying, but still sing the egg song? I'm talking about old hens that have stopped egg production, new pullets that aren't yet laying, or hens on strike from molting/bad weahter/what-have-you.

The reason I ask is that my pullets have been messing with me of late. More than once, I have heard the egg song being sung outside, and yet I find no eggs in the nest spots or the bushes where they range. I have at least five girls that I know have started to lay, some of which have been laying for almost two months. They range in age from 6-9 months, and I have several others that are expected to start laying soon, who are the same age.

The only other times that I've heard the egg song was when someone was seriously startled, and that's only happened a couple of times, mostly from my cockerels. I'm just trying to figure out what's going on.
Yep. I had a Welsummer who laid 14 eggs total and then quit. But every single day she'd sing the egg song, and I'd go out all excited, just to find no egg anywhere. Drove me crazy!

That is good to know, thank you. My RIR is usually the culprit, but she does still lay on some days. She's a weirdo.

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