Do your ducks lay in the same place?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Kadjain, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Hello all,

    My question is do your ducks all lay in the same place? My ducks scatter their eggs all over the acre. I lock them up at night and even in the coop in the morning there are a few duck eggs here and a few there. Then when I let them out there is no telling where they are going to lay their eggs. It was a problem a while ago because the crows would find the eggs before I would and who knows how much income they ate. The crows haven't been bad since I've been leaving the ducks in the coop later in the morning.
    Is there a trick to get them to lay in the same place every time? It seem they like to lay in the sticker bushes and thissels the most but I'm not going to build them a house out of that stuff.

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    Mine seem to lay their eggs wherever they happen to be standing at the time. To them, it seems like they're just pooping a hefty turd. :/ Mine all seem to lay before 7:30am, unless, of course, if they're laying somewhere that I haven't found them yet. We'll see tomorrow. Since a new drake is in there with them, I want them to stay locked up for a few days to let them get the idea that he's now a part of THEIR group, and not a part of the chickens' groups. If I get more than 2-3 eggs, I'll know that they've been laying elsewhere. Granted, they just started laying, so it's very possible that they are just not laying some days. Today there was a smaller egg, so I think that was from a new girl, and only two others have been laying so far. Anyways, we'll see what happens in two days of being locked up.

    As for getting them to lay in one area, your best bet is probably to just keep them locked up until later in the morning.
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    Ducks lay where they feel like laying. Only when they will sit is when they will lay them in a secluded, sheltered place. Well mine did [​IMG]
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    That's what I thought the answer was gunna be. Just a little egg hunt everyday [​IMG]

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    mine lay either in a shelter i have for them or in the corner below their pond, which is pretty sheltered. Both places have hay in them. :)

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