Doe kidded not sure she will make it

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Nov 14, 2010
Noble County
Keep your fingers crossed for me. My Sr. Doe went down on me today. Her body has been giving everything to the baby/babies and it is leaving nothing for her. She has been treated but so far no improvement and now this. I did notice that she has lost her plug so hopefully she has it/them tonight. Once out I can take over care of the kids and she can recover!! She is being sent to be a pet when this is all over. I do not want the poor girl bred ever again.
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so sorry . my sr doe, Harley had her last set of kids this year, she is 8-9 years old... these kids took everything out of her
illl miss her babies! i feel for ya!
Well she kidded yesterday. I am still not sure she is going to make it. She stood up once on her own and hasn't moved since. Today I am going to get supplies to make a sling to get her up.
I went out at 5:30 and noticed she was in labor, at 6:30 I checked because there was no baby yet. I felt and found a nose but no feet. I tied to reposition the baby but I couldn't get it so 7 I called the vet tried to tell him I needed him. He gave me advice and told me to keep trying 8 rolls around I call the vet again and tell him I NEED him and he says its to expensive to come out. WHAT! I make that decision not him! He won't come so I call another vet he is in surgery but could be there in 30 min. They said keep trying till he got there. 5 min before the new vet arrives the baby has no more pulse and I still can't get it out. vet arrives and trys to get girl #1 out and says we may have to cut her open but ... wait here we go. Baby #1 comes out and then he goes back in and gets baby #2. Doeling 1 was a HUGE beatiful well put together girl. Doeling 2 was the small one and she looks nice also but not as nice as her twin. I am POed at my old vet because I could have sold the kid for at least twice the amout of the vet call that would have saved her. PLUS I am still not sure mom is going to make it!
The positive is that I have a nice little doeling.
Sorry about your loss and hope the mom makes it ok.

I'd not only drop that old vet, but I'd send him a nice nasty graham and a bill for your loss! Ok, so the bill won't be paid... but maybe he needs to understand what his lack of wanting to get off his back side to help you cost you and him.
I pray the mom makes it. I am so sorry. Give the baby lots of hugs from me. Please keep us informed. I also would dump that vet. He does not sound like a vet I would want to use. Good luck
My friend and I had him scheduled to come out and do 3 horses teeth but not now. I will be cancelling that appt today. My NEW vet I only called because I was despirate. Last summer when I went to his clinic they said he wasn't taking new clients for farm calls. However he said call whenever he is needed to come out. I have no clue if he gave me a pity bill or what but he was also cheaper than my old vet by about $40. That and he KNOWS goats. The next vet that knows goats in the area I refuse to use. She was one of my instructors when I was in school and I feel she doesn't know her stuff (but then again so do the alpaca people so I am not the only one).
I wish my favorite vet hadn't retired! Maybe I have found a good one again.
Yes, I would dump that vet, he must have been a bad case of "I dont wanna get out of bed" thing. Well, if they don't want to get out of bed, they should go for another line of work. So that vet that saved your goat would be the one I would use, no matter how bad the momma was in need of a vet.

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