doe with hard udder


12 Years
Nov 12, 2007
My doe freshened 3-4 days ago and 1/2 of her udder is harder than the other half. I don't know if it is mastitis or not. I have been milking her 2-3 times a day and don't really see any difference in the hard side. It is maybe a bit softer today. My question is--If mastitis does not hurt the baby nursing can I tape the "good" side so the baby can only nurse on the hard side? Will that help me get the milk flowing on that side?
Massage massage massage thats what you have to do and maybe hot or warm compresses on that side to get it going. Sounds like congestion in that side if the baby is just nursing off the other. Also when you milk it get all you can and work that udder and see if more iwll come out. When you get thru strip the teat and let her stand for about 5 min or so or spraty with teat spray. I would try to milk that side at least 3 times a day and really work it. fresh udders sometimes get clogged with the colostrum and need some help. Good luck Also take the baby and try to get it to nurse on that side as this will help alot also.
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I have been massageing (sp)after milking. Tonight it seems to be a bit softer and I did get "more" streams of milk out of the hard side. I once had a dog have puppies and needed to get a shot so she could get her milk flowing. Her mammary glands were hard like this too. Is it the same problem? The milk is just not being released? Could she need a shot to get her milk flowing? Or should I just keep doing what I am doing???? She is from really good bloodlines and I want to show her. But I can't if I can't get her milking on both sides. So frustrating.....
I say go with what everyone else has said...and add 'be gentle'.
Mastitis hurts.

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