Does a large-egg-layer laying smaller egg mean smaller chick or death?


10 Years
Jun 29, 2009
I have a White Faced Black Spanish who started out laying huge eggs. I've read that they typically lay large eggs. She took a month long recess, and has started up egg-laying again. Now the eggs are small.

This made me wonder:

If a chicken that is supposed to lay large eggs lays only small eggs, what happens if those small eggs are incubated?
Isn't the chick genetically programmed to get a certain size?
Once it fills the egg, can it no longer grow, resulting in death?
Or does is hatch as a smaller version?
Or does the size of the egg make no difference?

Does anybody know?????


11 Years
Apr 16, 2008
Southern Iowa
Experts say not to try hatching eggs of the wrong size. I think the chick might actually "outgrow" the egg and die, or maybe it will just be a little chick, not sure. I have hatched eggs of various sizes, and i did try hatching a little one. The baby made it out okay and was running around, but died the next day. It was way smaller than the others, and it looked like mama just squished it.

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