Does a run have to have a coop attached???

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    I have two ringneck pheasants and 6 of their eggs in the bator that will hopefully hatch [​IMG] and i may get some turkeys. I'm going to build a large run, but i live in south Florida so i don't really need to worry about the cold and i was wondering if i just put a roof over a quarter of the run and closed off the sides under the roof but left the inside of it open so they could come and go into the rest of the run. Do you think this is ok? or do i need a real coop that is separate??

    Thanks sorry for the length [​IMG]
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    What you're suggesting is similar to what I'm planning to do. I think it's the best way to cope with the heat. Also you might consider a sand floor in the 'coop' as it will stay cool where shaded and you don't have to battle the heat and humidity rotting shavings down too quick. Hope this helps!
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    You might want to ask this question in the forum.
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    I don't know about pheasants, but I am in south Florida also, and that is what I have done for my chickens. No need for an enclosed coop where we live, as long as they can get out of the rain and stay dry, they're good!

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