Does all the poop have to be removed...


11 Years
Apr 9, 2012
North Central Minnesota
from the chick's butt? I can get the area really close to the vent clean. I can see the little vent "working", lol, but I can't get the stuff to the sides of the vent off. My chicks are kind of shivering when I clean them, so I haven't been keeping them from the brooder too long. I do put some Vaseline on the vent and the surrounding area,. Should I just bite the bullet and get all the poop off? I do check them 2-3x a day to make sure they're "clear". Boy, bifocals are sure a pain when trying to do this job!


P.S. Sorry, I posted this in another forum in error.
You may have to let it soak for a bit under warm running water too soften it enough to get it off. You can also carefully trim the fluff off their bottom. I wear glasses too so I can understand if you don't want to try. But as long as the vent is clear that's all that is necessary.
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