Does any one know this, and I am so excited . . . .

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  1. I am a realtor and have lucked out with a client. He is the guy that killed his own meat for years, and has plans on building a small smoker shed when they get this property bought I showed them. (I am going to win all the way around on this one!) and he was talking about the stuff he uses to start the cure on meats, made by Morton. . . I can't remember the name of it, but does Morton still make their products from long ago, and where can you buy them? He was sad because the old house he kept his Morton Curing book at was old and it got moisture in it and he lost over 600 old books, including the Morton Cure one . . .maybe if I go online and see if they might have one, I could get him a new copy? Or . . . a good used one!!!! Anyone else have any ideas? He smoked chicken, turkey, pork, goat, you name it . . .very interesting to actually talk to someone who has actually done this!!!
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    the feed store by my house gave me 4 big bags of this stuff that cures and tenderizes meat for it that stuff? if it is, i saw it at the grocery store the other day.
  3. Quote:Is it made my Morton? I don't think its Quick Cure, it seems like that name sticks in my mind for some reason, it was some other Morton name. He said its the best stuff he ever used for curing and smoking.
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    Someone else on here posted a bunch of little stories about life on a farm in t 30's. They had a section about smoking and it said what they did and what they used, It was very interesting.

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    The morton website has it listed. I can get one of the curing salts at a grain store in a near by town
  6. I went to Amazon and posted an order for one, which are available. I just didn't want to pay almost $40 for one, so put an order in for a $10. I will probably never get one, but you never know. I emailed Morton and they emailed back saying there were no older editions available. (I should email them back and tell them to check!! [​IMG]) So, maybe I can get one for this nice fella for a housewarming gift!!! I also want in on some of that smokin' meat!!! I know guys who deer hunt that build smokers out of old refridgerators, and they do a really nice job too.

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