Does any one use an LG strictly as a hatcher?

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Feb 20, 2009
Does anyone use an LG strictly as a hatcher? Does it work well for this purpose? I incubate using a Brinsea Eco 20. It is pretty small and the manufacturer recommends a separate hatcher (tho I've hatched in it many times). I'm thinking of buying an LG to use as a hatcher to keep my Eco relatively down-free and to allow me to start the next batch a few days earler

Although I haven't used them yet, I have 2 used Little Giants that I have "refurbished", "modified" etc.

(I plan to have a hatch starting in about a month.)

LG #1 has the factory fan and factory egg-turner.

LG #2 has a computer fan and no turner. (I will use THIS ONE as a HATCHER.)

I think it's a GOOD THEORY...but I can't give you ANY "experience" on it for a couple of months...when I've got a "hatch" accomplished.


I have a Brinsea ECO 20 that I move any eggs from a staggered hatch into when I go into lockdown. I put it on the autoturn cradle and use the Brinsea Advance EX with the humidity module to hatch since humidity is so critical during that time. I thought about buying another LG for use as a hatcher but remembered how difficult it was to maintain temp and humidity and just bought the ECO 20. I also use the Brinsea ECO 20 as an ICU for any weak chicks or ones with problems drying out. I just put the lid on a little cattywompus to allow more air inside and they do great in it for a day or two if I need it.

Good luck to you. I agree the Brinsea is small for hatching but without the humidity stuff it is roomier.
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Thanks Junkmanme!

In theory it does sound like a good plan, no? I'm afraid to try it with the eggs I have in the bator now... I'm a scaredy cat!

Good luck with your hatch!!
Thanks dovecanyon! That is great news! What do you use for an incubator? Do you move the eggs on day 18 once you've gotten temps & humidity stable in the LG?
I use a HovaBator 1583 with turner, and a small cabinet style incubator for the first 18 days. I set up the LG a day or two before lockdown to get the humidity right and move the eggs into it on day 18. I don't use a carton for my eggs, just lay them on the wire. I have never had as much problem maintaining a constant temp in my LG as I have read some folks do, but I keep my house fairly stable temp-wise. Plus, I just don't worry too much about little spikes/drops in temp, as it takes the eggs quite a while to be affected. Since I keep a pretty close eye on the eggs for the the last three days, (I don't want to miss anything while they are hatching!) it's easy to monitor the humidity. I just fill the spaces in the bottom and use the plugs to keep the humidity fairly stable. (again, I don't worry too much about fluctuations, as pipping and hatching will send the humidity way up, which is a good thing). My hatches are running between 75-100% even on shipped eggs, so it must be ok.

Give it a try, and good luck! Feel free to PM me any time with questions or worries...
I think I pretty much agree with what others have said about the LG as a hatcher. I have a Dickey Cabinet and I use the LG and the Genesis (both have fans) for hatching. I think they work fine. The Genesis really is reliable with temp, it holds tight and I don't worry about it. The LG I stay on top of and check a lot. I keep it in the utility room which goes from 60 at night to around 75 in the day time, So I have to pretty much keep adjusting how far the door is open in the room, I don't fiddle with the thermostat much once I get it right. I think starting it the day before is the key and don't over correct too much when you are adjusting the temp. The best advice I got from someone was to glue a small cardboard disk ( silver dollar size) onto the control knob. When you get the temps to hold close to the desired temp for a few hours make a mark on the cardboard dial at the top (facing up with the writing on the incubator) that way you can make smaller adjustments. The mark is used to get you in the ballpark when you start up next time.

I usually put a piece of tape on each side to prevent the lid from getting knocked off its seat. Lately I have been setting in cut down egg cartons and I am experimenting with little plastic mesh baskets to separate chicks by pedigree and breeding pen in the incubator. I am concerned that I might be blocking air movement with all the extra stuff in there, but time will tell if it affects hatch.

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