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    i know this isnt probly the best catagory to post this under but ive got a ? i hope a few people can help me. has anyone ever been to the Ohio National Poultry show in Columbus Ohio B4? & my big ? is is this big show OPEN to the PUBLIC to come in walk around look at all the poultry & go to the vendor tables? or is this big show only for the Exibitors showing there poultry & waterfowl & the Judges? id really like to go to this show to walk around look at all the poultry its a 3 1/2 hour drive from my house i dont wanna drive all the way there & find out this shows not open to the public

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    Feb 18, 2011
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    oh so its $5 to get in the doors and it is open to the PUBLIC for sure??? cuz im geting up at 3AM this coming Sunday to start my long drive to this BIG show its a 3 hr & 45mnt drive for me to get to Columbus almost a 4 hour drive [​IMG]to get to this poultry show. thanks for sending me the Thread about were the shows gonna be [​IMG]

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