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  1. Were I can buy a Cockatiel in the Upsate of S.C.?
  2. anybvody
  3. Seriously...........Nobody? Does pet smart or petco ever sale em?
  4. Cats Critters

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    I have seen them for sale in pet stores including either petsmart or petco (don't remember which) and have seen them advertised in the newspaper a couple of times. But I'm in PA.
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    neenah, wisconsin
    here in wisconsin, usually the big chain pet stores do not carry them. you should try to find a small pet store. they are very expensive and require ALOT OF WORK AND ATTENTION. so much so that we gave ours to a cockatiel rescue. she is so much better there than she was here. good luck
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    Quote:I've seen cockatiels at both petsmart and petco, but not all of their stores have them. I almost always see cockatiels at petlands if there's one near you.

    try searching for breeders at

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