Does anyone else have this problem?


14 Years
Jan 21, 2009
Wallkill, NY
We have been getting a lot of thunderstorms and rain the last week. I've been letting them free range, but if a storm comes up, I have a few that will not go in the coop. They stand out in the pouring rain! I have about 5 right now getting soaking wet. I tried getting them in, but they wont go unless its getting to be night time. So I just want to know if this is normal or should I start keeping them in if they are calling for storms?
My girls will stand in the rain also.

I do not worry about them unless they are getting soaked and the temp. falls quickly.

Course I live in NV - we average 7 inches of precip a year
with a fair amount happening as snow not rain. And when it does rain, often it evaporates before hitting the ground - you might feel some on your face but your shoes will not get a drop.

So this last week was the first time the girls had been rained on wet this year. They did not know what to do!
I think we got about 7 inches of rain just this past week Horsefeatherz! It is about 70 here so not cold. Thats what I was worried about, that they might get cold or something, but I guess they are ok then. Thanks for all your replies!
my chicken girls LOVE the sprinkler that I use in the garden! It catches one half of the grassy part of their yard and they will just stand there in the water and then wait until it comes back around.

I love my silly birds.
I wouldn't worry too much about them getting wet, but it is a good idea to be able to get them to come on command in case something else happens (like an unplanned trip to the ER, in my case). I have mine trained to come at the sound of a bag of cracked corn rattling. I actually shake the bag in a specific rhythm and they come tearing across the yard from wherever they happen to be when I want them. I trained them like you would a dog, and they learned faster than my dogs ever did. I highly recommend you also train yours to do the same. It makes managing them much easier.
Let em go. Trying to herd a bunch of chickens out of the rain is like herding a bunch of cats from the sand box.

My chickens LOVE the rain. Every time I come home and it is literally downpouring I just shake my head and watch the little heathins run about.

They dry off pretty darn quick and when they decide it is dust bath time after a downpour just put your hands over you eyes and grin.
Same here...all I have to do is call ''chick chick chick'' and have a bowl in my hand...and they all come running!! This is good for when we need to leave before dark and are gonna be late and wanna get them rounded up early.
Our hens love to play in the mud and rain. AmyJ are you sure that wasn't 7" in the past day! Ugh, so glad to see the sunshine!

The only time I am concerned about them getting wet is like what was said earlier, but when those cold rains come, the girls go to bed early to dry off and get some warmth.
Mine also love the rain, but it gets so hot here, I'm sure it feels good to them! I leave their barn door open while they are free-ranging. The only time I try to get them in is when it starts hailing. Really, the only ones that don't start running inside when it is hailing is the geese. I have to carry them.


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