Does anyone else have trouble getting their ducklings/ducks to swim?


Jun 20, 2021
I have a small tub that my ducklings can use to swim in, but they don’t seem to wanna swim. They only go to it when they wanna drink water, but they refuse to swim in it. They freak out when they’re in it. But when it’s raining, they wanna get in it? I don’t understand. I want my ducklings to have fun and I want them to not be afraid to get in the water. I haven’t had the chance to make them a pond yet, but i’m hoping to get around that soon. Does anyone have any advice or tips for me? I’ve tried putting food in the water in hopes of them getting in and swimming, but they won’t do it. They seem to prefer playing in mud puddles over swimming in a tub of water. Don’t get me wrong, I know they love mud puddles, but they get so muddy and dirty.


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Oct 16, 2020
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Huh, I have not had this problem. With some of my ponds or tubs, I have had to show some of my ducks how to get in and out the first few times. Try putting some treats in the water, lure them in with the treats. Not sure how you have been doing it, but I would encourage them, not put them in. When you direct them in and they do it themselves, they are more likely to go in on their own. With treats they love, it should help encourage them.


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Jul 3, 2021
I have 3 week old khakis and even with momma swimming in the big pool they just watched... So I set up a type of barrier with cement blocks stepping to the kiddie pool. They finally all went in! Some just play.. Head bop.. Or my tiny one actually swims. Once they get it... They love it.. Now they are in every day


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Aug 16, 2021
St Augustine, FL
What type of duck is yours, Anonymous99

My son's three Pekins shoot out of their tractor every morning and barrel straight over to their wading pool. They have a long splashy bath first thing and return during the day frequently.

I have a rescued Muscovy -- I reared her from probably her second day of life. From a week old, she was introduced to water in a washing up bowl. She never liked it and got out immediately once when was big enough. Same in the larger tub and in the wading pool in the back garden as she grew.

I have adopted two more rescued ducks from a rehabber to keep my own company. None of them were going into the wading pool, voluntarily. I pick up my original Muscovy and put her in the pool every day and she does now tend to splash around before getting out. I have been using the hose on the other two -- one is a now fully mature white crested male, and the other is a 12 week Muscovy -- probably female. I use the mist setting on the hose and once they are doing well with that, turn on a gentle shower and make sure the two dirty ducks get their under carriage well wet. Today, for the first time, the crested male followed up his shower with a long and splashy time in the pool. The second Muscovy is still a dirty duck!!! Maybe soon she will chose to going the pool but for now she will be hosed down every morning!!

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