Does anyone float their eggs to see if they are fertile?

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  1. I know it kinda works, because I have done it with my canary eggs.
    I have a heap of button quail eggs in my incubator that I just can't candle and I was wondering does it work with those eggs too.
    Some of the older eggs have passed their due day by 4 days now. I floated all of them and more than half sunk [​IMG]
    Has anyone ever floated button eggs and how long should I wait to see if any of them hatch?
    My canary eggs would often go over due because I have a home made still air incubator with no thermostat.
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    I wouldn't think this is a good test for fertility, as all aging eggs should float due to the increase in air sac size from the egg getting old. I know someone who breeds button quail and I think I remember him saying they are hard to candle too and he just leaves them in and hopes for the best. Good luck.
  3. Hi Hinkjc,
    Your friend is so correct about the candling. I even kept the eggs in there that I thought weren't going to do anything and when I floated them a couple started dancing in the bowl of water.
    Button eggs must be the hardest dam things ever to work with.
    I have hatched many different species in the past and could tell almost within 5 days if the egg was going to make it to hatch.
    And now I have a heap more eggs waiting to use the incubator, so trying to figure out what goes and what stays.
    Thanks for you reply and have a nice new years.

    P.S. got one of the almost toss outs pipping now. Those crazy button eggs!
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