Does anyone have a Buckeye crossed with Buff Orpington

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    May 17, 2010
    I am not sure if this is the right place for this but i was wondering if anyone has a cross of these two breeds.

    This spring we are planning to run a rotational three section garden/run. First year, one, next manure and third...compost run over with chickens or pigs, depending on the time of year. The second year will have the new garden planted into the green manure using a low/no till method, the green manure will be planted over the recently vacated run/pen and the chickens and pigs will be set into the remains of the garden from the previous year.

    We were hoping to run some fairly independent and hardy breeds. We are not overly interested in presentation qualities, we're more looking for good foraging instinct, intelligence, decent egg production, relatively easy handling and weather hardiness. So far the Buckeyes fit the bill. We also really like our buff Orpingtons and would like to also keep them for meat. We'd be running them together.

    Does anyone know what types of traits this mutt likely have as far as personality and functionality?

    Thanks everyone! [​IMG]

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