Does anyone have any Frizzle hatching eggs for sale?

ILOVEFRIZZLES usually has a bunch to sell
Kellipulido (hope that is the way to spell it) ~ a member on here just sent me over 2 dozen eggs that had frizzles in them. We made a trade but she has some....
I have bantam frizzles.The last broody I let hatch some of my own eggs out of 6 I had 3frizzles.Oh and mama just hatched another 2 out that I let her have and 1 was a very cute little buff frizzle.I have bantam cochins.
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i am interested in getting bantam frizzles as well but have a few ?s if u get a chicken from a frizzled parent however the chick is not frizzled does it still have the frizzle gene
I wish I did.But sorry no.I would say they are very very cute and I am just trying to get some out there for the cost of shipping and handling.So try them out.
i can ship a dozen+ blue/black/splash frizzled cochins out tomarrow if anyone wants them for $25 shipped. if u r interested pm me for my paypal addy. pics r on my website. i will be selling out of this flock to make room so not sure how long i can do eggs for after that.

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