Does anyone have any red coturnix eggs for sale?


10 Years
Mar 26, 2009
Hello all,

I am looking for some red coturnix quail eggs. I am in Oregon so if they aren't in the area they would have to be from someone who is willing to ship.

Thanks everyone!!!
i got my corturnix eggs from Mrs. AK-Bird-Brain.. she did an awesome job wrapping, she sold me 30+ and when i got them there was 36 and NONE were broken. packing was excellent. i'm not sure if she is still selling eggs but i recommend buying from her to anyone.
I got some from Mrs. AK too but this person is looking for Red color and I dont think she has that color, Mrs. AK Birdbrain has Goldens, Jumbo Browns and A&M
Thank you! Looked like the reds were sold to me already. I think I put this in the wrong spot on the site though! Sorry! If anyone has anymore I'd love to talk to you!
True reds are kinda rare right now but a few people do have them just be choosey who you buy from and make sure to see pictures.

I do offer red coturnix now but only in assortment (with other colors) the red eggs will be marked though. $15 for 30 eggs (but again not all will be reds).

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