Does anyone here have Dexter cattle?


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Mar 30, 2011
Lugoff, SC
Last Friday I went to pick up my new Barbados Blackbelly sheep ram. And while I was there, I casually asked the breeder about her Dexters. I wansn't really planning to get any, although it had crossed my mind a few times. Well she walked us over to the pasture where the Dexters lived and that was it. So now it looks like I will be bringing home a bull and heifer calf in early march. Got Dexters? I'd sure love to see pics of them and hear all about them!
I've been wanting to raise Dexters for the longest time! We have limited space here (very limited) and I've been teetering back and forth if we can justify raising a housecow. Keep us posted on how you like them. Also, you might find more people with Dexters on
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I don't have any experience with Dexters per-say, but I have grown up around cattle. It is always nice to be able to keep a small herd as pets. I would like to highly recommend not getting a bull calf though unless you plan to castrate to keep him as a companion for your heifer. Bulls are tough to handle and can be downright dangerous and 1 cow will not be even close to near enough to keep his breeding urges satisfied. You will probably have a lot of trouble keeping him home once he matures. The better option I think would be either to get a bull calf to turn into a steer (as mentioned) or get two heifers. It will be a LOT less headache for you to either AI (artificially inseminate) your heifer(s) or take them to someone who has a larger herd with a bull to have them bred. Bulls can never be true pets no matter their size and breed and are a HUGE liability, especially if there are ever any children around.
If I could EVER move to a farm, I'd be buying a few Dexters. But for now I'll live vicariously through all of you that have them.

I grew up milking HUGE Holsteins and Holstein mixes BY HAND. I think Dexters would be fun, but maybe not for my back.
Yes, I have Dexters....Where are you located?....I am in Texas.....I hope we are close so we can chat about Dexters...I have 9 cows, and six calves( just sold one so now have five).. and two bulls.....I will be selling another red heifer sometime inMay if your looking for anymore.....Who did you buy your Dexters from, if you don't mind me asking?.....What colors did you get?.....Just curious .....Know a lot of people in the Dexter world.....These Dexters sure can be addicting....I just love all mine....I raise reds, polled And trying to get all A2-A2...Mine are all Chrondo and PHA free....So if you are just starting out, you need to go to the ADCA website and read up on the Dexter breed...They are such sweet cattle....If you need any help, I'd be glad to help...If I can answer any questions, let me know and I will do my best....And if you want you can email me at [email protected] forward to hearing from you...Enjoy your Dexters.....By the way...The ADCA is having there big show here in Texas this year....You can find info about it on the ADCA....It will be in Bryan Texas or rather College Station, Tx....Maybe you live close enough to go?.......Hope to hear from you soon....Sincerely ...Donna Jenkins

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