Does anyone here show Runners?


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May 24, 2011
I'm going to be getting some Runners and a Saxony from Holderread's within the next couple of weeks. I'm wanting to take them to a couple of shows in the fall. What is the best way to transport them? And is there anything else I need to know? I showed chickens in 4h 8+ years ago and our show was disorganized to say the least, lol.


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Jan 11, 2010
I have just come inside form washing my birds for a show tomorrow. I am soaking wet...cold and birds at least are looking good. I have some in the training pens tonight- and others in the cages I will transport them in tomorrow. I try to keep them separated the night before - nothing like waking up and finding one duck has pooped on another during the night.

I use large dog crates to transport my birds. Like this one..

crate is large enough for an Indian Runner to stand up- not all the way up like they will in a show cage- but enough to be comfortable. I like these cages as they come with a water container that attaches easily and will not tip or fall over, it is well ventilated - and does not trap heat as ducks can get very hot in enclosed areas. The door way has a lip to stop shavings and hay going straight out as well. When I bought a car last year the main thing I had in mind was something large enough to transport a lot of ducks in comfortably. I can easily fit in 6 of these crates with room around them for airflow, which I feel is very important for them. My ducks are handled regularly and transported to get them used to a car ride before their first show as well.

I try and make the experience positive for them- from the pen training and cleaning- the "pedicures" and moisturizing cream on their legs.. I make sure they get some treats and enjoy being washed and prepared. I make sure i am never stress when I handle my birds- and always speak calmly to them the whole time as well as I believe it helps to keep them calm as well.

Most importantly- enjoy it... Dont be too serious about it all. A judge may not place your bird- but that is just his opinion on that day- ask the judge where your birds can be improved and learn about where your breeding should head towards. A Different judge on a different day may well place your birds better on a different day. God luck- showing can be lots of fun- and a great day out with a group of like minded people with similar interests is always time well spent.

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