does anyone know a way to make a hen broody????? HELP PLZ


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so far we don't have an incubator and i don't think we will be getting one for a while and thier is no one with broody chooks i could use. so can you make a chook go broody or make it kinda slowly get broody. i need one now!
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How much are you willing to spend on a bator? Check, they have the hova bator that is only 48 dollars and they only charged me 9 dollars for shipping. Check it out.
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Oh, ok. Well I was just saying becuz you sound like it is a dier need so thought I just might shar it.
Go out and buy the most expensive, elaborate incubator you can find. Won't hurt to buy some expensive accessories to go along with it. Waste lots of your time getting it all set up and ready to go---take a day off work to do it. then, about the same instant you get the first egg in the 'bator four of five of your hens will go broody.
i just started leaving the eggs in the nest and my hen went boody after laying the 9th egg then on the 10th day she layed her 10th egg and started sitting on them that day. she just hatched 7 chicks out of the 10 eggs they all hatched in 2 days on the 21st and 22nd days. they are little bitty bantam chicks. black tailed buff japanese.
This is a method that I have long explained as "talking them into it". First ya gotta have a breed that is prone to brood. Then a little experience on the hens part really helps. Leave some eggs in the nest and hope for the best. Won`t work on some hens and yet others will lay 3 eggs and set. As mentioned, an experienced hen is favored. Pullets are real iffy. Good luck......Pop

All the warnings about what not to do so your hen doesn't go broody---do the opposite! :O)

sooo Everyone says gather your eggs regularly, well, leave eggs in the nest (if you could get them I think I would use fake eggs---do they have them in OZ where you are? Gosh, do they call them Farm & Station Stores there like here they are called Farm & Ranch---or are they just feed stores? But I digress.

So a nice nest, lots of eggs to stimulate her--- lots of food a good environment so her hen mind thinks that it would be a good time and place to raise a family. I saw one person say that extra calcium will support the hormone structure that makes a hen broody, sooooo make sure there is lots of oyster shell and or crushed egg shells for your hen.

You cannot make a hen go broody, but maybe you could nudge one that is so inclined to become broody. Good luck!

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