Does anyone know what makes this noise??


Jul 13, 2021
New Hampshire
I cannot for the life of me figure out what’s making this noise. I live in New Hampshire and I’ve heard this before we even had chickens but ever since what we suspect was a weasel got into our barn and killed our chicks i’m wondering if this is what they sound like? Or maybe some type of bird? We live on a farm road so many of our neighbors have livestock and chickens and I’m sure it’s a predators paradise. I usually hear it starting around 6pm and it sounds like it’s close to the ground and not in a tree but I have no idea! Sometimes it sounds like there’s multiple or like it’s moving and making the call in different spots. I don’t think it’s a fisher, they sound way more scary haha. Sorry if it’s hard to hear it was the best I could get! Im definitely going to order a game cam but in the meantime any guesses would be great!

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