Does anyone know what sex I am???


10 Years
Feb 23, 2009
Carleton Mi.
Well we have 3 silkies. The other 2 are smaller and have no signs of what they may be yet, but this one looks like it will be a he. Tell me what you think.
Edited to add they are 9.5 weeks old.

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well, according to the other post, they said that if the top of their head are rounded puffy, it's a pullet and if it has little spikes in the back of it's head, it's a cockieral. And it looks like there are little spikes feather/s(?) sticking out the back. they also said something about their legs, but your pics don't show the legs that well.

I hope this info is right. i'm still in the learning stages, too.

BTW forgot to say what a cutie. What color is it supposed to be? i don't want to guess, i'm not good at it.
He is supposed to be grey. I ordered 3 grey silkies from Ideal. One is partridge one looks grey and then this one with grey, black and white coloring in him.

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