Does anyone know what this is caused from?


6 Years
Feb 28, 2013
I sure hope someone can help me with this. About two days ago I noticed that one of my hens looked a little rough around her behind. The pictures below are from two days, she looks a little worse....I didn't get pictures today though.
Can someone tell me what this is from? And what I should do (if anything) to help her? We have no roo's and she's eating and laying fine.

No she's not quite 7 months old. I haven't dusted them....didn't know I needed to....this is my first flock of chickens :)
Looks like it could be mites and/or lice, I would dust them with 5% Sevin dust or poultry dust... You'll also nee to treat their coop/perches/nesting boxes.


Note: Do not waste your money on DE, it won't work, I know, I tried!
Thanks, Kathy :)
I will go get some today! I'm going to change their bedding this week also. Do I just sprinkle it on the girls? LOL I've dusted my garden before, but never living creatures! lol
Oh...and I haven't noticed any of the others with the issue, but I will dust them just the same. LOL I'm always seeing them in their little dust bowls that they dig in the
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Last weekend I dusted the girls with powder I found for mites at Family Farm and Home. They didn't have any of the DE 5%. I also changed all the bedding in their next boxes, the shavings on the floor of the coop, and even sprinkled some in the run. Do I need to repeat this? And if often? I also have noticed that some of the girls have feathers missing from their bellies. How do I know if this is working? I don't want my girls naked for winter! lol

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