Does anyone know where I can buy a Border Collie Puppy???

peeps and quacks are me

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Aug 20, 2008
Jacksonville, Florida
Our dog passed a few years ago and we are now ready for another energetic Border Collie. I prefer black and white. Sex doesn't matter. Let me know if you know someone in Fl 32244 or GA. I am willing to travel 100 miles or so. I would like to get this for me husbands birthday in October.
Thanks for you help!!
check the pound and rescues in your area, they are full of great animals, youd be suprised how many full breed animals are in pounds.
The nice thing about a border collie already in rescue is they usually come spayed/neutered and a start on, or fully house trained. Can't beat it.

And they'll have sorted out the frankly toooooo chase driven from the merely busy pups. Not something an average pet owner can choose from a group of pups.

Experienced rescuers KNOW how to put the right dog in the right home. People selling puppies just sell puppies in too many cases.

There are puppies and very young dogs available through rescue all the time.

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