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does anyone raise pheasants in ct

Discussion in 'Pheasants and Partridge (Chukar)' started by jimmythechicken, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. jimmythechicken

    jimmythechicken Songster

    Jun 8, 2010
    i am looking to get a couple of young birds but dont know of anyone near us that raises them.we have abig pen with just a few peacocks in it so i want to get some pheasants.thanks jim
  2. turkaholic

    turkaholic Songster

    Jan 2, 2010
    Try your local Craigslist, ask at the feed store, or place a want add. With all the young birds hatched and being raised right now, I bet you'll find a source in short order![​IMG]
  3. littlemissjellyfish

    littlemissjellyfish Chirping

    Jun 16, 2010
    Hey jimmythechicken!

    Are you looking for pheasants for pets or to eat? I am asking because I have a young (6 weeks old) Ring Necked Pheasant. I believe it is female. She was a packing peanut in my MPC order..a surprise yes! I didn't know what kind of bird I had until a couple of weeks ago, so she has been raised with chickens. I know she needs her own aviary, but I just finished the coop and haven't had time to build it yet! I have considered rehoming her as long as she ends up as a pet and not in the freezer. I live in Maine which isn't too far from CT. I'd love to see her with other gamebirds or peafowl...I'm sure she's be much happier.
  4. tileman@prodigBird Raiser

    [email protected] Raiser Songster

    Sep 10, 2008
    I'm in southern ny and have red goldens and ringnecks.

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