Does anyone run a CSA program ( community supported/shared agriculture )...

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by hennible, Oct 17, 2014.

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    No not too much of a dreamer at all... I want to teach kids about real food here,and run seed saving courses on site... permaculture workshops.... Try to teach and inspire. Donating extra food when ever we can
    You could offer half shares, work shares, or weekly payments at a higher price... I want to get to a point where I can afford to price on a sliding scale... People with more cash flow helping to supplement a lower cost for lose with lower incomes...
    I really like this CSA its in NY ,running 20+ years, they've given me a lot of inspiration... Lots of volunteers work with them. It's been amazingly helpful reading how they do things like pricing etc.
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    Thanks for the link. Reading it now...
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    Sep 30, 2014
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    I think CSA's are a wonderful idea. If there was one in my area, I would be more than happy to join it, even if I didn't need the food (family will take it!). I would love to support a local CSA if we can find one!
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    Hope you can find a CSA, it's a great way for farms and communities to connect. Heck I'd join one even if I was running one, love the varieties of produce different people grow... You never know what you'll get and that's exciting! :)
  5. 2boys1homestead

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    Sep 30, 2014
    Pewamo, MI
    Agreed. Who knows, maybe if I get the place we're hoping for I'll start one of my own!
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    Yeah! Then this thread would have a 3rd member! :)
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    I'll join this conversation! Look at converting my Grandmother's 7.5 acre homestead in the Birmingham suburbs to an organic/heritage meat/egg/produce CSA. I feel like I need more information! I'd be moving from a steady job and good life in Alaska to take it up, and I really need to have all the details worked out before I make the leap. Wish there was more information written on it. Lots of people seem to do it, but nobody seems to have written out any real detailed information on HOW they do it. I don't have the ability to intern to learn that stuff right now either, unfortunately. :(
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    Take a look at the link I posted a little further back to Stoneledge farms they have been doing it for 20 some years and have a lot of information on how stuff works on their website. Glad to have another person to chat with!
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    May 2, 2014
    right here.
    I have been trying to write my business plan for my CSA, but mine is also in the starting stages.. So far I have found that people in my area would rather pick and choose their produce instead of having baskets/boxes weekly.

    I started my raspberry plants last year and I bought more apple and a few peach trees. These will be added in as produce in about 4-5 years.

    I have decided not to offer work shares because of Liability issues and having to have a public bathroom. I don't want strangers in my house. I also only plan on offering 2-3 full shares and 2-3 half shares the first year. This way I can ease into it without having the added stress of trying to make sure everyone gets enough. If those work out well then I would up the number the next year.
  10. hennible

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    If you're interested I would share my current business plan with you.
    It's been reviewed by quite a few people who read business plans, and is apparently a decent plan... That's a really good point about the work shares I'm going to have to think about that a little more...

    Exciting for me I entered into a grant program and I am in the second stage waiting to hear if I'm going to move onto the third stage. It's set up like a competition and if I win I will be granted $10,000 to put towards my CSA! :fl

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