Does anyone sell tail feathers?

Loddie Da

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Jan 14, 2007
Troy, New York
Does anyone sell tail feathers?

I am looking for a mix of colors (would love to get some India blue pied, India blue & whites as well as other colors, in the off white-brown family)

They are for a Christmas project I am working on, only need 10-25 of them & they do not have to be long or in perfect condition as I will only be using the area around the eye.

It is impossible it seems to find any colors other then India blue & white online so thought I would ask here.

Thanks for any help or leads.
we sell feathers. We have 8 different colors and have all 5 patterns so quite the variety. Feel free to PM us if we can be of assistance. Our website is in our sig, you can see pics of our birds and what colors we keep.
lol, you got that right about the India Blue, I've got an entire room full of them. I've got tail feathers from my black shouldered purple cock. About a total of 60-70 with about 30 or so that don't have any damage. I'd be happy to send some to you at no charge. If you would like, I'll include some of his other feathers which are quite beautiful and very different from the IBs. As far as the tail feathers go, if I can cut them, the postage is minimal. However, if you want them long, the shipping is $10 or more. If interested, my name is Terri Williams, I live in Florida. You can contact me thru email [email protected] or by phone 772-597-3962. Best of luck on your project! Terri
Thanks guys I'm just waiting for a few to get here then I'll know what else I need, but will be contacting you both early next week for sure!

& feel free to cut any feathers you send, for this project I don't need them very long at all.

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