Does anyone use a Chain-Link Dog Kennel / Run for chickens?


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Okay my 6 chicks are getting big! They are outside in their coop, which is supposed to be fine for 6 full grown chickens, it has a nesting area at top, and ramp to go to bottom...I think the run is 10'x3'....anyway, we were building a fenced area that is 12x12' for them to run around in, but got stuck because we don't really know how we'll do a I was thinking a chain link dog kennel would be perfect....because I can buy a shade/sun cover for it, so they can't fly out and to protect them from predators...what does everyone think? Also, if anyone uses 1 or knows where I can get them at a good price, let me know. I've been searching around. I want one that is at least 10'x10', preferably bigger though!

THANKS GUYS! Oh yeah and for anyone that seen my other post, I figured out, I have 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Pearl White Leghorns, and the other 2 are either Barred Rocks or Black Australorps-we'll see when their bigger! Their getting SO big! They love earthworms, and when a mosquito or fly flys by, they try to run around and catch them!
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I use the chain link dog kennels for both my is only 10X10 but the other I used 2 kennels together and it's 20X10. They work great....BUT...
You do have to put chicken wire or better yet hardware cloth around the bottom where they can't just get through the chain link or predators can't pull them through if they had their heads out.
I reinforced all my chicken wire with hardware cloth. "Sewed" 2 rolls together with wire and a coat hanger made into a needle to weave in and out.
I still need tops on my runs but we never let them out unless someone is home all day to watch over everyone and they all are locked up in the coop/inside run at night, no matter what.

I also had to reinforce the sides of mine with T posts on the inside of each side because our horse and pony both like to lean against the chain link and scratch.

The cheapest ones are usually on CraigsList. Some are even free if you'll come move them etc. I got mine at our County Farmer's Co-Op and the big one at ACE Hardware.
lots of ppl do this 'round here.

eta sorry hit the enter button too soon. one farmer asked me why i was bothering to build a coop, he said to just put a roosting pole in a kennel and theyd be fine.
i dont really agree, i mean, where will they lay their eggs?? but, you have a coop too, so that should be fine.
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Yep. I use one too. For my free range flock. It is up against their coop with a square cut out for the coop entrance. They have roosts in it and that is where their food, water, and shelter from the rain can be found. ETA: my husband anchored it to the ground with bended rebar.
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I got mine, 10x10x6 on craigslist for less than 1/2 TSC's sale price but we had to move it... I Lined it completely with a smaller plastic meshing... topped it with aviary netting and the whole thing is surrounded and skirted with doubled poultry mesh... it's not the prettiest thing, but I feel it's pretty secure.

I lock them in at night but my dog and kids are hard on the outside of the run and so far it keeps them out.

We used our coop at one 'wall' of the kennel so we have a five sided run instead of square. Added some squ footage plus we could use the under (18 inches off the ground) under the coop as shade space.

I think chain liknk dog runs are very convenient and we jsut bought our first set of panels from Craigslist. I found eight 6 x 6 x 6 panels for $200. The hardware stores sell individual panels for $145 each. Or this particular set of 8 panels occasionally goes on sale as a dog run at Home Depot for around $400, when you can find them.

Since our pasture has 6' privacy fencing around it I am using the back corner of the pasture, two sides of existing fencing, and the shed as the third side. The chain link will enclose the 4th side, so they will have about 48' x 20' to roam when we are home. We do have hawks here during the day (the chickens are locked up in the shed at night) but we don't let them out of the shed unless someone is home as the run does not have a cover. We also let some native shrubs grow in our pasture so the chickens have cover if the hawk gets to them before I do. We also have dogs which tend to keep the hawks away.
Care must be taken when using Home Depot, Lowes, or TSC Chainlink Kennel panels. The wire should tied more securly to the bottom rail. A semi deterimined predator can easily rip the wire loose enough to gain entry.
I got chain link dog run from a friend I work
with. Paid 25.00. Made it 10x10, then used the
2 extra 10' sections for the top. Check on
Craig's list? It works great, but I did wrap the
bottom half in hardware cloth. Good luck!

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