Does Cackle Offer Vaccination of Bantams for Marek's ?


11 Years
Mar 4, 2008
Hi all,

I was just surprised to read that Meyer Hatchery does NOT offer vaccination of BANTAMS for Marek's. They only offer it for standard sized breeds.
Very sad to read that as I wanted some bantams from them in small quantities.

Does anyone know if CACKLE vaccinates Bantams as well as Standards? Their site says it is available for chickens, but not ducks and turkeys ... so can I assume this means Bantam and Standard chickens?

Marek's is the one vaccination I won't go without when buying my flock.

Any info would be appreciated. (The hatcheries are so busy they're slow to email - so I thought maybe you folks would know for sure)

Hi EweSheep,

Do you mean you bought yours from bantams Cackle?

Thank you Ewesheep.
I'm glad to hear that. Also - thanks for mentioning Marti's as I had never heard of them.
Hi Ewesheep,

Sorry to bother you - but you said you got some Americauna/EE's Bantams from Cackle a few years ago - do you have any pictures? They are a breed I'm considering. Are they very gentle? Do they lay fair sized eggs?
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I got mostly blue wheatons, bay wheatons, and whites from Marti and they were more typey and more correct in the Amercuana standard but they were still EEs because they laid anywhere from a light green blue to olive green eggs. As for Cackle, their EEs were a little on the ugly side, some didnt have muffs and alot of them had yellow legs and green legs and got mostly wheatons in the lot. I sold all of them to a friend south of me who has been using them for shows...said that the Marti's EE won more four H's shows than the Cackle EE;s did.

As for their disposition, they were like any other birds, with handling time, they were friendly and laid small eggs.

If I am to chose which hatchery to pick the best EE bantams, I would go with Marti's. Stay away for Ideal or McMurrays EEs....they were UGGGGLY! Some of them didnt have the proper leg colors and strange colors for eyes and feathers and many of them didnt have the muffs.

I bought twenty five of each lot from Cackle and Marti's and Marti's is the best hands down in EE bantams. But that is about three years ago and alot can change from there.

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