Does color matter for nesting boxes and liners?

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    After seeing that some people use plastic dish pans in their nesting boxes I purchase 6 in red to use when my chicks get older and start laying. My son-in-law saw the dish pans and said that he heard you shouldn't use anything red because chickens will want to eat or peck the eggs. Is this true? Should I get different dish pans?
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    Not sure if they would peck their eggs, but I can tell you from experience, that chickens will peck anything red. Like the shirt I wore one day, or the little cut I didn't know I had on the top of my hand. They also try and peck the red snow shovel I tried to use to clean a path to ther dorway. Also, nipple waterers are red so the chickens are attracted to them, so are most feed dishes. I had jammie pants on one morning when I went out to see the girls (I have 3 Buff Orps), that of course had red spots on them and they proceeded to pick the hell out of me. One of the White Rocks we used to have became very aggressive to the others and she would peck one in particular. The spot she kept pecking at would bleed and seeing the red blood she would not leave this poor bird alone. It was so bad that we didn't know if the wounded one would survive. So ya might wanna think about changing the color scheme for now! Good luck! :D
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    For nesting boxes I suggest dark color, they like dark and narrow space so they feel more secure. I tried several different nesting boxes but they always choose the darkest box and reject the bright and open ones.
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    I painted the inside of my coop semi gloss white and didn't paint the inside of the boxes which makes it darker, it is so bright in there I suspect they will use the far left side.
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    I bought the same color for my nests. I got to thinking about how they like to peck at red colors, so took them back and got black ones.
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    Dish pans will work well but I'd go with a different color. My toenails are painted a bright pink, even that got me pecked this morning when I opened their door [​IMG]
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    My girls found out the hard way that painting poke balls on their nails isn't good when owning chicks. THey got mopped. I painted our nesting boxes a dark purple inside with a periwinkle board to keep straw in...
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    Looks like I'm out of money then, I already took the stickers off and they won't take them back now. :(
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    Jul 22, 2013
    They are plastic right? You can spray paint them, wouldn't be a very expensive fix :)
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    Why not? Most of mine had no stickers when bought them.

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