Does Forco work? Anyone want to sell me some? :)


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Jul 17, 2015
We have one hen that our other three are picking on, eating her neck and bum feathers. I have tried it all: added protein, added boredom busters, added more free space time, added pinless peepers, separated the main bully (who is also her bff surprisingly). Currently, Red Bird (the one missing her poor feathers) is in isolation within the coop. She can see the others, there is chicken wire between them. But it makes me sad she can't sleep w her friends. Other than her missing feathers, they all seem to get along fine.

I did some digging and stumbled upon Forco. But it is quite expensive and I am not sure I want to invest in 5pounds of it. Curious if anyone has some they would like to sell? Or if anyone has experience with it working or not?

Thank you in advance! Yellow Bird, Little Bird, and Daphne will (hopefully) be ever so thankful to get their needed protein like civilized chickens ;)

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