Does frostbite effect a rooster's virility?

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    I have read on several different threads that frostbite can effect a rooster's virility/ fertility. But I don't know why or if it is a temporary thing. I could see how the pain of frostbite could put him off doing his roosterly duty. I have tried to research it here on BYC but haven't found any answers yet.

    The reason that I am asking is because the rooster I planned on using with my project breed suffered severe frostbite to his comb and wattles. The tarp came off during a very bitter cold, windy night. His wattles have finally healed up nicely (after almost 2 months!). He has lost all of the tips/spikes on his comb in one area and I expect the rest to fall off as well. Otherwise, he seems fine. So what I need to know is if this has effected his ability to cover hens& fertilize the eggs. To my mind, it doesn't seem like it should effect that at all, but I know there are many things that I don't know or understand, so I am asking all the experts out there that have more knowledge & experience than me.

    Thanks for helping me find the answer to this question.
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    I haven't heard of it affecting his virility he should work just fine for your girls.
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