~~Does Grass/Clover have protein??~~


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May 26, 2011
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I have a quick question my girls looove to eat clover or any type of grass!
Everytime I pick some and put it in their run they eat it up in no time at all!
Is it ok for them to have alot of grass/clover?

Also does grass/clover have any protein in it at all??
grass is mostly a carbohydrate but clover does have protein as it is a legume. I too give mine clover and grass. They also love dandelion greens. I don't know how much of a percent of their diet forage should be. As mine are growing I don't want to give them too much.
It depends if your chickens are still growing. Personally, I wouldn't make it more than 20% of their diet as they need an optimal balance of nutrients that the commercial feed provides so they can acheive full potiential. I'm sorry if that wasn't too helpful.
I recently asked a similar question of some long time breeders. I have let my 6 week old BRs out to free range and they seem to range from my clover field (planted to keep the deer outta my flowerbeds actually) to the woods. I was told that as long as commercial feed was readily available to them that they would consume what their bodies needed. That free ranging was actually BETTER than keeping them penned up.....

So, for what that's worth

Have a great day and stay cool!
I think the chickens would know how much is enough. They have been around for thousands of years and it was before any one made chicken feed. What about people who pasture their chickens, don't they get lots of grasses?
I actually just wrote a blog on this very subject. Grass does indeed contain lots of protein and you can feed your flock unlimited amounts. It also provides about a quarter of their overall daily nutrition requirements.

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