Does Metzer's send any "packing peanuts" with an order?


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
My first ever mail order of ducks is to be shipped today. I ordered 12.

Are they going to throw extras in there as "packing peanuts" like some of the companies do?
Not the small orders, they don't anyway. If you order at least 10, they might add an extra in there just in case. But if you order less than 10, they know you want the number you ordered and that's what they send.
And if they send an extra with your order, it will be a duckling, not a chick
I ordered 4 ducklings from Ideal and they sent me e-mail informing that they would be add male baby chicks unless I called to by insurance. Putting the male chicks in insures warmth. But I didn't want random soon to be roosters running around. Just an FYI
Putting males chicks in just ensures that they don't have a bunch left over after hatching season.
I honestly don't think that male chicks have that much of a body temperature between the females, they just want to get rid of them.
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they might if there are over the minimum order. I got four from there and they are all happy and well! Good luck with them! I ordered under the minimum order and they dodnt add any more because hey knew that was what I wanted.... but watch out! Also, be aware..... they are SOOOOOO much work even for four of them!
I ordered 10 from Metzer, didn't receive an extra. However, I had one pass away 3 days later and they replaced her at no cost. They can't send less than two, so I got a mystery duck with my little girl(looks to be a buff). They do sometimes send extras on the 10 and over orders, but I bet its usually during the color weather. It was already starting to get warm when I got mine.
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Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. I ordered 8 ducklings and 2 goslings from Metzers and they didn't send any extras. I ordered 10 runners from Holderreads and they sent 1 extra which I was suprised but happy to get it.

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