Does my hen have a cold or something more serious?

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    Hello Chicken Lovers . . .
    This is my first post. I've been raising chickens for about 7 years and this is the first time I don't know what to do.

    I have a two year old hen who is sneezing frequently, shaking her head, wheezing, slight eye discharge, decline in egg production. She is still eating and drinking and roaming the yard but without her usual vigor. No recent changes in feed or care. I do have about about 25 pullets/chicks that I introduced into the coop early spring (March). Her symptoms began about two weeks ago . . . not getting worse but not improving. No one else in the flock is showing any of the symptoms.

    So , what could be the matter? If it was one of my kids, I'd say she has a bad cold. Are the natural remedies (garlic?) for this? Do I need to seek out anitbiotics or medication . . . and if I do, what and where do I get it?

    Any and all imput is appreciated. I just hate seeing one of best girls so punk.

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    Hello there! I would put some duramayacin in her drinking water. It's an antibiotic, and you can get it at a farm store, like TSC, for about $2.00 for a pouch of it. She might have a respiratory infection. Also, some vitamins/electrolites in the drinking water would also help--they will give her a little boost.

    If you can, isolate her from the other chickens, since she is probably contagious.

    Good luck!


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