Does my hen need antibiotics??need advice please :)

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    A few days ago I posted about my 2 year old RIR bantam hen, Spicy. I have noticed lately that she is very thin. At the time of the post, she appeared fine, clear eyes, good appetite, with only a little poo stuck to her backside feathers. However, I was watching her this morning, when I let everyone out, and something just seemed off to me. She was running around, eating the BOSS and cracked corn treat that I throw them every morning, but I just had a weird feeling. She doesn't have any discharge coming from eyes or nose, but I will say that her eyes didn't look as bright and clear as I would want. Her feathers were also a little ruffled up, but again, it is raining. [​IMG] I've decided to go ahead and bring her inside in a large dog crate. Should I go ahead and start some antibiotics, to ward off something that might be brewing? I think she might be one of my only ones going through a molt. I haven't experienced a molt with chickens before, so not sure if this could be the problem. She is not losing feathers in patches, but her feathers look really rough, like she will be soon.( I can see some feather shafts and such.) I don't want to come across paranoid, but usually when I get a feeling about one of my animals being ill, I am almost always right. I will be heading out today to get some antibiotics, if need be. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
    ETA: she freeranges, is on 16% layer feed. Her poo seems to be ok, she roosts in the nest box (bad girl [​IMG] ) but at least this way I can see her poo. It is formed, little, but formed. I would say that she has been acting "off" for about a week or two now. Hasn't laid an egg in many months.
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    I wouldn't give antibiotics without a clear reason. Bringing her in where it's warm and you can watch her is a good idea. Keep an eye on her appetite etc. Good luck.
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    Any recommendation of what to feed her? She is really thin, but her appetite is still good. (and yes, I wormed the whole group, first with Wazine, then with Ivermectin)I will offer her the layer feed, but any other ideas? Maybe BOSS, or scrambled egg.
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    I think you probably said it when you said she hasn't laid an egg in months. She is too young to have run out, so you are probably looking at an internal layer or something similar being wrong with the egg laying machinery. I'm sorry to say that but.... Feed her anything she wants, I say. No antibiotics are going to help her. I would not even isolate her if a possible infection is the reason for this. I would put her wherever she wants to be, which for most chickens, is with the flock. You'd want to watch if you put her back to be sure she does not get attacked.
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    Quote:Yikes, I wouldn't of even thought of that. She isn't showing any other major signs, besides being thin. I haven't brought her inside yet, was waiting to see what some responses might be. I do worry that if I take her out of the group, then put her back, she would get picked on. She is already one of the lowest ranking hens.

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