Does my lady need a friend?


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Apr 15, 2015
Colorado Springs, CO
We recently bought two Rhode Island Reds, and then got excited and bought two Cochens. So the reds are about three weeks older than the baby babies. Unfortunately this morning I woke up to find one of the baby Cochens had passed away. The older ones have been separated from the younger ones, and she didn't look like anything had happened (meaning blood or obvious signs of disease or illness) Anway, I took her out of the baby cage once I found her and now her sister won't stop cheeping looking for her. It's breaking my heart. Should I find her another chick close to her age so she isn't alone? Will she be alright and bond with the older ones once she's big enough and everything will be fine? We're new to raising chicks, and I know things happen, but I feel really guilty about her passing away.
The age of the older ones could be a deciding factor. If they are a lot more than 3 weeks old they could reject the newcomer. I have put very young ones in with chicks up to 4 weeks old. There were a few pecks but not bad.
If your cochin is only a few days old you may want to get her a friend so that when you put them together she is not the only one.

Have you seen the Colorado thread?
Lots of nice helpful people on there.

I hope she adjusts well to the other chickens.

Thank you! I'll post this on there as well

Personally I would get your cochin a couple of cochin (or similar) friends.

RIR's can be rather aggressive to other birds, the cochin is smaller AND probably has a softer temperament so having peers her own age/breed could be a very good thing not just now but in the future.
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^x2. My Production Reds are ornery, they are the ones I am most watchful when introducing the new chicks as they are the head of the coop and rule with an iron beak.

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