Does peeping = Internal pip?


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Apr 7, 2013
Northern California
I have an egg that's been rocking for 3 days but no external pip. Thought I heard peeping yesterday - definitely heard it today. Am I wrong in assuming they have to make the internal pip before they can peep? How long between internal pip and external before I have license to worry?

It is Day 23 but my temps ran a little low some of the time so I expect they are running behind.
They do have to be internally pipped to peep, since they need air to make the sounds. They can take a while before external pip - they will use up almost all the oxygen in the air cell, at which point carbon dioxide levels trigger the muscle spasm that causes them to externally pip.
Is there any reference to how long the air cell oxygen lasts? I've read through the forums and 101 articles and they seem to note external pip within 24 hours of internal. I am concerned that internal was at least 24 hours ago based on the cheeping.

I know the motto is LEAVE IT LEAVE IT LEAVE IT.
Are you still hearing peeping? If you stop hearing the peeping or it gets more and more faint and weak it might be worth investigating. I know the time varies depending on the size of the air cell because of course larger air cells are going to take longer to reach carbon dioxide levels that trigger the pip. With really rare eggs if I get nervous I make a small hole at the top of the air cell using a drill bit. Up there you aren't going to get a vein and cause bleeding. Some people put one there anyway as a 'safety hole' because sometimes if a chick is large enough it'll turn while zipping, block off its air supply, and suffocate, and with the safety hole this doesn't happen. People who hatch rare parrots especially tend to do this. Have you read this article? It's geared toward geese but works with all species, really. The author also hatches parrots, as you can see.

Anyway, I would let it be, but if the peeping gets fainter or weaker, you could make a small safety hole without worrying too much about causing harm. I would only do it as a last resort, though.
Thanks for the reference! Had a lot of good info I'll keep handy. Chick is still peeping and sounds healthy. So far-so good. The real conundrum will be if it doesn't pip overnight, should make a hole before leaving for work.

Will a chick still zip if you make a hole (since they will not be oxygen deprived) or are you committing to a fully assisted hatch?

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