Does size matter?


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Feb 12, 2009
Western North Carolina
I have a large Cochin roo that seems to have taken a real shine (if you know what I mean) to my little silkie bantam. She now stays hidden most of the time or stays in the coop and won't come out. The roo is still young and does not have spurs yet. But I still worry that he is just to big and heavy to "pick" on this little hen all the time. I have 20 other larger hens in there so why does he like this one? I'm afraid he is eventually going to really hurt her.
Is he too big/heavy?
Will it alter the size of her eggs?
Will he ever leave her alone and choose the bigger girls?
He is too big for her, though he won't think so.

Eggs will stay the same size.

The other girls are prolly mean to him since he's still young, and she's the only one who he can pick on.

You'll want to keep your silkie safe, so you may want to pen her in her own area (but near the others) until he realizes just how many other girls there are to take care of. Then he'll have his hands full.
You're right, they are mean to him and run him off. I will think of something for her. She stays under the coop at the back end where it is tall enough for her but not him (smart girl). I put food and water under there just for her.
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does size matter.

I'm sure size doesn't matter to him. I have the opposite problem. I have a super small bantam cock who tries to litteraly ride my big hens.

Hope your little girl finds some peace. I think you may just have to seperate her unfortunately.

Does Condoleeza look mad to you?

Yes she does but then Michelle isnt exactly smiling either!

Still made me blow pop all over my keyboard!
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