does the age of the eggs dictate incubation?


May 9, 2015
Hello, I am new to this and the first set of eggs I had have gone past the mark, way past like 25 days now and no chicks, now these eggs were 2-3 days old would I have better luck with eggs that were like 14-20 days old to start? they came from my uncl which we know the eggs are fertile?
Candle them. You could wait another day to see if anything is going to happen but I give up hope at day 25 if they are not even wiggling. Use your brightest flashlight and in dark room cup hand over light and place the fat end of egg in "O" made by thumb and forefinger. This will tell you a lot. If clear then they were not fertile. If completly dark then they made it to term but may have drowned in egg if humidity was too high through incubation. If a good air cell and rest of egg is dark then I'd guess your temp was just too low. They take longer to mature if only a degree low and you could have been even lower than that. If you used a still air incubator than the temp to incubate is 101.5 F measured at the top level of the eggs.

Give them a candle and tell us what you see.

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