Does the time of year affect fertilization?


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We have had eggs in the incubator for alittle over a week. we live up in northern Cal. by Mt.Shasta so it's still sort of chilly. We candled the eggs for the first time and came up with nothing!!! The eggs had no veins or anything at day 8. we're very concerened our rooster just isn't in "The Mood". The eggs weren't fertile and when we cracked a few open tomake sure we had no development there was absolutly nothing. just a big soupy eggy mess. I need help. These chicks are pretty important, but with the eggs not being fertalized i'm wondering if our rooster just isn't ready to do his job. is it to cold??
Roosters are ready to do the job anytime of year. Just the seasons can cause a problem.
How old is your roo?
Is he disabled some how?
Our roo is relativly young. He's only 2 years old and has produced fertile eggs in the past. he's never been injured and is very sweet. he does a great job of protecting my hens.
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I can't help with your question as I am a newbie at this chicken thing, but I noticed where you live. I live in Anderson, just south of Redding. Are you near me? It is always fun to find new "neighbors" on BYC.

Good luck with your chickens. I am hoping to put some "mutt" eggs in a home made incubator this week

Yep, i do live close to you. you're a little more than an hour away from us! i still need advice though. what should i do?? maybe i should order eggs. What do you think??
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If you are more than an hour from me I am guessing that you must be where there is snow. So a lot colder than where I am at. I would make sure that you collect the eggs shortly after they are laid so they don't inadvertently get "refrigerated" just by being outside.

Next thing is to check for the bullseye and see if any of them are fertile.

Have you hatched eggs before? If not I personally wouldn't spend money on the eggs for the first go around. Is there anybody near you that might give you some eggs to hatch? Is there a particular breed you are trying to raise? Is there a reason that you don't just buy some chicks, other than the obvious, that hatching is fun?

Now I am the one asking all the questions.

no... i don't think any of my eggs have fertility spots unfortunatly. I always collect my eggs as soon as possible. Usually they are quite warm when i collect them. We have hatched eggs before.... i'm not sure why this is happening. My daughter needs to hatch out eggs for her science fair project and she's pretty devistated that our are not developing. the eggs are definatly important.
I am sorry, it is always harder when our children are involved. Since this is for school I would check Craigslist and see if there are any for sale. I know there are some down here in the Redding area. I would be hesitant to get any that have to be shipped as the hatch rate may not be as good depending on how the eggs are handled and how old they are. Maybe go on Craigslist and post a "wanted" and tell them it is for school. You might find some local ones you can go pick up.

I hope you find some somewhere. I also read on BYC that the eggs that Trader Joe's sells are usually fertile. I don't know how much luck would get finding some that are really fresh, but the last the person that hatched some here on BYC had really good luck.

I wish I had some to offer but all of mine just went in the incubator and I only get 1 or 2 a day.

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