Does this look right?

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    Apr 26, 2016
    Wow another fermented feed thread.

    I tried to ferment feed on Thursday and I think it worked, I saw bubbles and it smelled funky. However, I used tap water and yogurt with pasteurized acv, I don't know how it worked but it did. Now I moved the started fermented feed into a larger bucket today and put more feed, yogurt, pasteurized acv and 'ozonated' water without chlorine. I stir it maybe 2-3 times daily.

    Now my question is: How do I know when it's ready to be fed?

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    You really don't need to add the starters, it will ferment in about three days on its own. Even if it's not fermented you can feed it as just wet feed, it just won't be as nutritious. When it's fermented it should have a slight sour smell like sourdough bread. If at any point you see a green, brown or black mold growing from it, throw it out and don't feed it to the chickens.

    ETA: Yes, it looks right.
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    It is ready to feed when it bubbles, or rises up a bit. If you make bread, and are familiar with the technique of "proofing your yeast", you will know exactly what that looks like. We tend to make things too difficult. You can get all the benefits of FF for your flock simply by mixing water with the feed, and letting it sit till it ferments. You then use some from that batch to make the following batches. Kind of like keeping a sour dough culture going. While adding a bit of ACV with the mother will kick start the first batch, as will a bit of yogurt, it's simply not necessary to keep adding those ingredients. FF is already quite acidic because of the fermentation process, so adding more ACV (or even more yogurt) is counter productive IMO. I do add some yogurt whey, if I have it on hand, and if I'm feeding out the FF faster than the culture has time to replenish it'self.
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    Feb 19, 2017
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    If you don't stir it for a day, you might see a white film over the top. This is ok, just give it a good stir. Also my chickens don't care for it as wet as yours is, I make it a little thicker, so no water is at the edges. Just an FYI, yours may like it that way.
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