does this mean the end is near??

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    how do I know when a hen is reaching the end of her laying cycle? I have one hen that was given to me about about 6 months ago (with a few others) by a guy with a hawk problem.(he wanted his birds to be taken care of rather than be hawk dinner) anyway, one of them has never been a good layer, which is fine. I get plenty from the others. but she lays more soft eggs from the roost than hard ones in the nestbox. she has all the oyster shell and layer pellets she can eat. she goes in the nest box to lay good eggs but the soft ones always are on the floor under her roost. she lays one about every 3 days and most are soft. in 6 months i may have gotten 15 good ones from her. what do you think?

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    . Mine all dropped of egg production big time with the summer heat. I think you should wait and see how it goes.......i bet she will lay more when the temps are not so high [​IMG]
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