Does this "Nite Guard" actually work?

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May 27, 2015
I saw an advertisement in my chicken magazine about the Nite Guard. It's main purpose is to simulate the red eye of a real nasty predator like a coyote, sending clueless, moronic animals back to their dens
Fact is, I can't tell whether or not it works without trying it myself. Does this thing actually work or should I just install lamps instead?
I've never owned one, but had considered them at one point. When doing research I came across a user review on Amazon that had a photo of a raccoon basically looking the Nightguard right in the "eyes" from about 2 inches away while testing the guy's chicken coop fencing.

You'll see opposite reviews stating that they're either complete garbage or a must have item. I passed on them personally - I figured it was one of those things that 'worked' until it didn't... Your mileage may vary.....

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Well, that's a happy load of crud. The website for that thing had a trillion reviews that were apparently fake. "It will scare the wits out of guys like this gleeful raccoon LOOKING AT IT FROM A CENTIMETER AWAY."

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