Does this poop look normal? Or is it a sign of illness?


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Aug 30, 2013
This morning I find this really runny poop on the droppings board in 2 different places, mostly likely from 2 different hens. Is this runny poo normal or is it a sign of some problem? All chickens seemed normal and active this morning.

First runny poop

Second runny poop.

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Probably normal, especially since they seem OK. There is a wide variation of normal.

Thanks for response. However the entire reason I even asked was because I had seen that link you posted, and all the watery/runny ones seemed to indicate something "wrong". Maybe I'm just seeing things (because I'm worried) but doesn't the poop in my pictures look a bit like this or this from that link?
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Just keep an eye on them and their poops. So funny to type that. I've noticed that depending on what treats I give my girls their poops can change for a day. Trimmings from the garden like tomatoes, baseball size zucchini, swiss chard trimmings, watermelon rinds etc.

Once I gave them left over cooked beet greens and beets and the next day their poops were reddish. Freaked me out until I noticed one of them with beet goop on her beak.
They say that normally they will have runny ones ever 5 or so times. I can't remember the exact number off the top of my head. It does also depend on what they are eating. If it is an all the time thing I would check them over to see if there were any problems, but every now and then don't worry.
Many of those "normal" poops are not normal, so I wouldn't bet the life of my bird on pictures from sites like that.

These types of poops usually mean coccidiosis or worms in my flock, but they are labeled as normal in that link:


And this type usually means coccidiosis or blackhead in my flock, but they are labeled as normal in that link:


If you're worried about a bird, put it in a in a place where you can see a 24 hour sample set of poop, that will help you get a better idea of how healthy it is.
The majority of poop should be well formed with a white cap.


Disclaimer: I'm no expert, but I have had several birds in "hospital" cages in the last two years, so I've seen lots of poop, lol.
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