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    I checked on my turkey eggs this morning around 9:00 and 2 out of the 7 have pipped. It is now after 3:30 and one still looks the same and the other one has a dime size hole and it peeps alot. Does this take this long for them to hatch completely??? I'm getting worried that they aren't going to make it!!!
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    Apr 18, 2007
    Yes, it can take that long. Rule of thumb is 18-24 hours after first pip. I know, it's agonizing, isn't it? :|
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    Ugh...glad I read this. I checked eggs at 3:00 and as we watched for the next hour, it zipped all the way around. It's now been an hour and forty-five minutes and nothing more, plus a pip that hasn't done anything. If I hadn't read this I would be worried.
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    They rested in between, learn to breathe and absorb the rest of the yolk sac after pipping the shell and before finally zipping out of it...thats why it can take 24 hours or longer....
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    Ok, thanks! So far nothing has progressed on either one since my first post. The egg with the dime sized hole in it is still dime sized. I could hear the chick peep and see the tip of his beak moving and now I haven't heard him peep for a few hours and I when I look I don't see his beak moving. I'm wondering if he's not alive anymore since I haven't heard him make a single noise?????

    How long do you wait until you know they aren't going to make it out????
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    Quote:I am too. I had no idea it would take that long. Thanks for asking this question Kare21162

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