Does this Serama look healthy?


Jul 22, 2020
Southern Ohio
I just picked up this pretty 2 year old serama hen yesterday. I noticed that her face looks a little pale. Does she look healthy and is this normal?

She stopped laying first of October and was kept outside in a barn. She has a lot of personality and spunk. Her toe nails were so long she couldn't stand up right and one toenail was ripped off (healing up nicely). I clipped her toenails and now she's walking again. Also applied an antimicrobial to her toe. The only other thing I noticed was that on her underside it is a little bit bare and pin feathers are coming in. Just wondering if she looks okay in general and if her face is just naturally a little pale. I'm new to seramas.


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She looks a little pale, but may have just completed a molt. It sounds as if she has been kept a bit rough. I would worm her and provide a good grower/all flock ration.

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