Does your run ever smell when wet???


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
I clean my run with a litter scooper several times a day, but unfortunately I'm not getting all the poop because it stinks when it rains. I'm very particular about picking up every last poo. It keeps the flies out too!

My run is all construction sand. I had the bright idea of having hubby taking a shovel and flipping the sand. It was wet, so it was easier to get the bottom sand to the top. Just like we do with the compost pile.

It worked like a charm! The sand was wet again and ZERO smell!!! I'm so thrilled that I had to share. Now the chickens have fresh sand to dust bathe in. Maybe I'll have hubby do this every 6 months or year. This will save us from needing to add or replace the sand in the run.

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