Doesn't it just yank your chain when......


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Jun 6, 2009
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You have watched a tv series for sooooo many years and then all of a sudden the lead actors leave??????
They did that with CSI and now they are doing it with Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Are there any series you've watched where they have replaced one of the actors/actresses and the show just wasn't the same?
ER - when George Clooney left
then Juliana Margulise, Anthony Hopkins, Eric LaSalle...

I was sooooo upset that Grissom left CSI, DH won't even watch it anymore, even though we like Lawrence Fishburne as an actor, he's just not Grissom.
I agree with all of you. Goran, omg, he can't leave.
I absolutely will boycott the show. Grissom well I agree he made the show. And Elliot, is there any talk of him leaving????? I hope not, that'll just do me in. I need my 'tough guy' fixes. I too don't watch alot of tv so don't mess with the ones that I do watch.
Criminal Minds just isn't the same any more without Mandy Patinkin. He made the show good. I was sad about CSI also, the new guy just isn't the same as Gil.
I am SO happy to see other Law and Order and CSI fans on here. I LOVE Criminal Minds, and what about BONES? OMG, that is my favorite one!! I don't know what the one FBI guys name is, that is Bones pardner, but I love him. He was in Angel and good there too. I love anything forensics or medical!!! I miss Grissom, he was awesome. Such a believeable character. I like LF, but its like you have said on other posts, just not Gil. I don't care for CSI New York as much as I do Miami, and really prefer LV over all of those. I LOVE Elliot and Liv, and I didn't think they were leaving this year, they got their money they wanted . . .I didn't know there was a chance that Goren and Eames were leaving? Goren was in the movie Full Metal Jacket, he committed suicide in it, such a sad movie. I read once that he is the greatest character actor ever to hit Hollywood. I love his actions with the criminals, that crooked neck and quiet intelligence!!!

SunAngel, you're right, CM just isn't the same with Mandy!! He was just great as one of their leaders. I like the young guy on there too, with the longish hair, the little nerd. He is such a good character on there.

I started watching Numbers too, but can't get into it just yet.
I agree with you both on CM. Mandy did make it. He also made Chicago Hope when he was on there. Why does he always get on a show, help make it a hit and then leave? Seems to be his thing....
I love intelligent, well written shows, the ones that make you think.
I also like Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice too.
By the way have the new season's started on those yet? Our local media stations converted to analog signal's over the summer and since then we cannot get any stations. We even bought the converter box they suggested everyone get. Well still not tv and I refuse to get cable just so we can watch tv.
I just want to

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