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    Feb 13, 2012
    I candled the eggs with the kdg. class last week. Almost all fertile. All showed activity. The candler was a QFG cool lite -just bought. There was nothing cool about it. Was very hot. Tried to do it for only a short bit and unplug it inbetween. I'm wondering if they got too hot. This week I see large air sacks but not as large as I think they should be. Solid dark but no movement. Only on day 15. a few looked liquidly with dark areas but no movement. Something happened I think. Humidity has been difficult to keep constant but temp has been between 100-101 in the 2 Cornell Cooperative brand new Hovabators. Mine tends to run 99-100. Doesn't seem to matter which ones they are in.. In past hatching, I saw more movement and could make out eyes, legs etc. I may have to get a few newborns by next Tues-Wed if nothing happens. Hopefully I'll get some but I may need to supplement. Will anybody have some hatching this weekend? The kids know that they will not all hatch. But I will have to have some!!! I am so heavy-hearted right now but I need to have a plan. If things don't go, is there anybody that I can buy some from? I have already spent alot on this hatching but I am desperate and will pay whatever I need to for the kids.
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    My Coop sorry for your experience. I haven't heard of that candler - I just use a LED flashlight and hold the eggs in my hand.

    It will help to post your location, in order to find chicks local to where you are. The other thing you might try is putting an ad on Craigslist, or, if you are in the US, chick days are underway at many feed stores at the moment so you could try getting chicks there.

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